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The Legacy of a Gold Star Family

Last Updated by Stephanie Dostie on

When Sergeant First Class Shawn Dostie sacrificed his life to save three of his platoon-mates, he left behind a wife, Stephanie, and two children. In the wake of his death, Stephanie, now a Gold Star wife, turned her focus to ensuring her two children led happy and healthy lives. Today, Stephanie reflects on their bittersweet journey as a Gold Star family.

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Gold Star Children — One Woman's Perspective

Posted by Michelle Baugh on

Michelle Baugh offers her perspective on being a Gold Star child. Michelle is one of 20,000 survivors whose father or mother was killed in the Vietnam War. There are also 183,000 Gold Star children from World War II and nearly 5,000 from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Coming to Terms with a Gold Star

Posted by Bayleigh Dostie on

When Bayleigh Dostie lost her father, Sergeant First Class Shawn Dostie, at the age of five, she became a member of the special and solemn group of Gold Star children. Loss is difficult enough to process for an adult, but to lose a parent at such a young age is Earth-shattering. Here, Bayleigh Dostie shares her heartrending and honest perspective of coming to terms with life as a Gold Star child.

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A Lifelong Journey in Grief

Last Updated by Paula Davis on

The last Sunday of September is designated by Presidential decree as Gold Star Mother and Families Day. In honor of those who have lost a loved one while in military service, we share the words of Gold Star Mother Paula Davis. Her poignant perspective on losing her only son, Private First Class Justin Davis, is a reminder that time does not heal all wounds.

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