National Memorial Day Concert

Spensha Baker

Spensha BakerSpensha Baker

Spensha Baker was a finalist on the 14th season of The Voice. On the National Memorial Day Concert, Spensha will be performing the national anthem in honor of America’s service men and women, veterans and those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

About her upcoming performance, Spensha says, “For me, the national anthem is as symbolic as it gets when it comes to America. The fact that my parents served and defended this great nation instilled into me the love and national pride for America, our military and their families. The national anthem gives me the opportunity to show my unwavering love to those who served in our great military and for those who are sacrificing and serving today. The national anthem invokes pride, patriotism and honor within me. It’s an iconic symbol of this nation that can be shared with everyone, no matter what your background is. The national anthem is America... The national anthem is me. I love this country!!”