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Service members shaking handsTransition Assistance for Veterans

Transition Assistance for Veterans

The combined pressures of employment and other aspects of reintegration into civilian society, often in tandem with a difficult physical or mental health recovery can create financial crises in veterans’ households. The following organizations provide direct financial assistance and financial counseling programs to U.S. military veterans, as they make the transition to civilian life. 

Make the Connection - Transition

This initiative of the Veterans Administration is designed to assist veterans and their families as they navigate the shift from military to civilian life. They offer ideas on what types of challenges to expect in the process, ideas on how to address them and examples of veterans who have been through the experience and transitioned successfully.


This nonprofit organization offers three-week workshops on navigating the social and career shift that veterans face when moving from the military into the civilian environment. The workshops are open to veterans of all wars, with an emphasis on those who have served since Sept. 11, as well as active duty service members in all branches of the military and their spouses. In addition, their website houses a job board for veterans to visit and a page featuring veterans who are seeking employment.


This program of the Department of Defense provides personal coaches to service members who receive mental health care and are moving between health care systems or providers as a result of deployment status, transition, separation, temporary relocation or for wounded warriors moving home from military medical facilities. Their toll-free number, 1-800-424-7877, offers information and maintains confidentiality.